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Wherever you go, go with all your heart

Everyone loves to travel, but not everyone loves to travel the same way. A Travel Senses gather trips of a feather together so you can spend less time searching and more time dreaming about where you’ll go next.

For my

business travel, conferences & exhibitions

A Travel has become one of the Egypt's leading corporate travel management companies, providing outstanding service is at the company's core and this is reflected in our impressive portfolio of clients who continue to use and value our services year in, year out. At A Travel we continuously invest in our teams and technology to allow us to provide an unparalleled Corporate Travel Service. Your account is closely monitored by a dedicated account manager and travel consultant team leader to ensure that your travel policy and expectations are met down to the last detail.

Regular review meetings are held between you and our team to ensure you are getting the service and savings you require.

Arts & Culture

Blend your love of travel with your love of arts & culture. We’ve struck upon the perfect blend of pampering, creative expression, and travel that diverges from the beaten path.

If you’re detail-oriented and have high expectations for cultural travel, you can breathe easier – we’re like that, too. And we’d never send you on a trip we didn’t love ourselves.

Dive into History

If you are looking to travel and want to go back in time, here are dozens of great historic travel destinations for the history buff on the go. From Castles to Great Walls to Pyramids; here you will find unique historical destinations that everyone should visit.

Moreover, if you have any places in mind that are both historic and a travel destination, please leave a comment and name the place.

Sea & ocean

enjoy your vacation floating

Explore the elegant lifestyle of all-inclusive ultra-luxury sea and ocean cruising across 800+ worldwide destinations by the most well-known deluxe cruise ships that guarantee you the best design, hospitality and comfort with a wide choice of entertainment.

feastival travel

Thousands of festivals occur each year in literally every corner of the globe; ranging from Music, Food, Film, Culture, Art, and Sports. A Travel invites you to let us “show you the world…one festival at a time.” We have excellent personal relationships with festival organizers, the best hotels, and local tour operators around the world. Tickets, travel, accommodations and extra services: book your full festival holiday.

seasonal travel

Every season brings in something unique and exciting. So while the beaches in Far East look their best in the summers, the mountains in North Europe offer the best skiing trails in the winters. Whether your idea of a perfect vacation is surfing on crystal clear waters or snuggling with your sweetheart by the fireplace in a romantic skiing resort, A Travel offers you the best seasonal travel deals that meet your budget for every season. With so many exciting destinations for every season, and irresistible seasonal travel discounts on offer, A Travel ensures that you explore the world in style to enjoy the charm that every season brings.

Sports Fans

A Travel is your source for sports travel packages. We offer competitive prices and the seat locations you are looking for.

around the World


Priceless Adventures

Start exploring the world's greatest adventures. We offer a wide selection of small-group tours, safaris and expeditions. Don’t miss to enjoy Skiing, bungee jumping, fishing, para sailing, biking, mountain climbing, diving, snorkeling, desert safari, jungle safari, hunting, skating, etc).

With my family

A Travel offers amazing Family Itineraries. ... From underwater expeditions to immersive safaris and camping trips, we offer vacations that are really fun for the whole family. ... So please feel free to pick one of our family-friendly trips for your upcoming vacation.

Unforgettable honeymoon

Let’s guide you to plan the perfect honeymoon, from the best honeymoon destinations to the hottest hotels to make your honeymoon unforgettable. Whether you want to go sightseeing in Europe or relax on a beach in Bora Bora, get our advice on honeymoon packages and what to pack. Each year we create a list of the most amazing honeymoon destinations, from far flung exotic locals like Sri Lanka, Marrakesh and Maldives, to beautiful beaches and budget-friendly options; we have suggestions for every type of honeymoon